Signs Your Friend Loves You

Men are usually unpredictable. You can not understand what men feel about you and what they are thinking. If your friend does not express his love for you, then something is wrong with the relationship. If you can find out what’s wrong in the relationship, you should find out what his mind is up to and what’s in his heart.

* He is fascinated by you.  There are some signs that your friend loves you. One of them will show great interest in all your activities. He will ask you about all your daily activities and daily routines. He will also like to know what is going on in your life and will ask all the things that will be related to you.


* Calls you frequently.  One of the signs that your friend loves you is that he will call you often just to hear your voice. Men do not participate in calls and women are not used to the men who do not call them or return their call. The man who loves you will surely call in one day. If you try to forget him, he will certainly remind you of his presence by inviting at least once a day. And even if you remind him to call you every time and he does not call you, it means it’s all over.


* Introduces his family.  The role of the family in the life of every person is very important. If the person introduces you to his family, that is one of the good signs that your friend loves you. It is obvious that if a person feels that the person is suitable for him, he will never introduce you to his family. Another promising sign that your friend loves you is that he often plans a meeting with your family and vice versa.


* Common excuses.  One of the positive signs that your friend loves you is that even when he’s busy, he’ll find time to talk to you. In his busy schedule, he will find time to spend with you. If he loves you, he will not make regular apologies. Instead, he will try all sorts of ways to meet you.


* Future planning.  Watch the conversation with your friend. If he prefers words like “we” or “us” then you know that he thinks of the long-term relationship with you. These are the signs that show that your friend loves you.